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At Mapleview Homes, we are aware of the difficulties and questions that arise during the home buying process.  Some big decisions need to be made, and it can be hard to determine which is the best fit.  Should I buy new or used?  What type of house do we want?  What kind of features are we looking for? 

Often, these questions can leave you feeling overwhelmed or lost.  Thankfully, our trained and knowledgeable staff have streamlined the process, and infused a sense of understanding and control for the homebuyer.  We assist through all the stages of home selection, design, financing, construction and post-delivery.  Our goal is to provide you with a Mapleview Home that you are proud of!

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Family owned and operated

Mapleview Homes is a small family owned and operated business established by Ron Noseworthy.  His son Justin has become part of the business to ensure the vision, and values of his father are maintained, and carried forward.  Business longevity is a component that new Home Owners can count on.  We treat each customer as if they were a member of our family, and extend a personal thank you, for becoming part of the Mapleview Community.  “Your homes, are our homes”.


Customer Service and Guarantee –

It is our policy at Mapleview Homes to always ensure that you are satisfied with your new home. That’s why we provide a personalized service that is better than most home builders in Eastern Ontario. We have staff devoted solely to being there for our clients’ needs, requests, and support. If ever you have a question about your Mapleview Homes’ property or any of your custom features, you’ll have easy access to our full-time customer service staff, whose primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction.


Tarion Home Warranty Program – 

One of the most important benefits of buying a new home is the comprehensive warranty program that accompanies it.  Mapleview Homes has been registered with the Tarion Warranty Corporation since 2011 and has enjoyed recognition as a member in good standing over this time.  We have an unblemished record, having resolved every submitted claim.  This is something we are proud of!  Buyers have peace of mind with a thorough pre-delivery inspection process to identify any problems that require attention.  This report is further supported by a 30-Day inspection report that you, the homeowner, complete and submit to our qualified Customer Service Staff 30 days after move-in.  Finally, a year-end inspection form is conducted on the first anniversary of your closing date.  As a Mapleview homeowner you are protected by a one-year warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials; a two-year warranty covering electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution system, water penetration through the building envelope and foundation; and a seven-year warranty covering major structural defects.  For more information contact our office or visit the Tarion website at 



ENERGY STAR is a North American Environmental Protection Agency, whose purpose is to help identify the best ways to save energy.  They are designed to assist business and individuals save money, and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.  More than 1.6 million homes and 25,000 buildings are ENERGY STAR certified, with that number growing daily.  Last year, ENERGY STAR consumers saved $362 billion on utility bills and reduced gas emissions, making it the most successful and impactful voluntary conservation movement in history.

The homes built by Mapleview are of excellent quality with a high energy efficiency rating, and the company is an active participant of the ENERGY STAR program.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing they are saving money in household expenses, while also helping preserve the environment.  Mapleview Homes uses environmentally conscious practices, such as responsible material purchase, and the distribution and use of multidimensional lumber to limit waste and maximize our processes and productions.  Visit The Natural Resources Canada website at 


“Mapleview Homes has some of the highest ENERGY STAR and eco-friendly homes along the Eastern Ontario corridor” – Belisle Raymond, Infinity Home Inspection


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