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There have been substantial developments in the area of eco-consciousness and environmental preservation within the last decade.  It is clear, this is a significant trend, not only in the construction of homes, but throughout the world.  At Mapleview Homes, we are aware of the importance of the planet we live on, and we are dedicated to doing our part to positively contribute to this cause.  We also understand the true definition of ‘sustainability’ and strive to embody this philosophy of meeting our customers needs today, without compromising future generations.

The homes built by Mapleview are of excellent quality, with a high energy efficiency rating.  The company is also a licensed Tarion Home builder, and is an active participant in the ENERGY STAR program.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing they are saving money in household expenses, while also helping preserve the environment.  Mapleview Homes uses environmentally conscious practices, such as responsible material purchase, and the distribution and use of multidimensional lumber to limit waste and maximize our processes and productions.  

Last year, ENERGY STAR consumers saved $362 billion on utility bills and reduced gas emissions, making it the most successful and impactful voluntary conservation movement in history.

“Mapleview Homes has some of the highest ENERGY STAR and eco-friendly homes along the Eastern Ontario corridor”

– Raymond Belisle, Energy Auditor and Consultant, Infinity Home Inspection

A Sealed HomeThe building envelope is the shell in which the home is encased.  It is comprised of the exterior walls, and roof portions of the house.  Several of components go into assembling these walls, such as 2×6 studs, a combination of batt and rigid insulation, and various sheathing and barriers.  Together these components create our highly efficient ENERGY STAR rated wall assemblies.

HRV System (Heat Recovery and Ventilator)An HRV system is standard in all our homes. A Heat Recovery and Ventilator unit draws moist and/or stagnant air from the home, and replaces it with fresh air drawn in from outside.  As the air circulates, it is cycled through a sealed core exchange unit.  This ensures that heat is captured during the winter, and the cool air is preserved in the summer, and remains within your home.  This further reduces energy costs and increases the performance of the envelope of your home.

InsulationOur homes use a combination of blown and batt insulation to fill every crevice and cavity of your home.  We use R-28 in the wall, and R-60 in the ceiling as standards in construction.  This effectively increases the temperature retention inside the unit.  Mapleview Homes not only meets, but exceeds the guidelines and criteria set forth by National Resources Canada.  This guarantees your home will stay at the correct temperature during the warmest summers and coldest winters.

WindowsWindows act as a break in the seal of a home, so it is of utmost importance, that the correct window be chosen to protect the integrity of the air barrier.  We use high quality, low-e, argon-filled windows which are installed as part of the construction process.  The tighter seals and more advanced construction of many modern windows limit temperature exchange, and help keep a more comfortable, consistent indoor climate without wasting energy.

Material Handling and usageAt Mapleview Homes, we are committed to providing our customer a high-quality home, without a large environmental impact.  We are mindful that each individual, group, and business must play a role in overcoming the environmental challenges we face short, and long term.  Environmentally conscious practices, such as responsible material purchase, and the use of multidimensional lumber to limit waste, and maximize our processes and productions are practiced.  We limit our waste, and always encourage reusing and recycling of materials if possible.  

Inspection and ControlsAs a licensed Tarion and a registered ENERGY STAR builder, our homes are built to meet, or exceed the standards set forth by these organizations.  Inspections conducted during construction prove compliance with all local, provincial, and federal building laws. Each home is individually tested by a private inspector to ensure it complies with a strict set of guidelines, and procedures by the individual programs.   As a home owner, we invite you to accompany us on site, to view your home during the construction phases.

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