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The Historic City of Brockville

Brockville is the first incorporated town in Ontario, with settlements beginning in 1785 with the arrival of William Buell.  Brockville played a significant role in the history of Canada, and the defence of the American Troops during the war of 1812.  The city was named after Sir Isaac Brock, who was the military and political leader during the war.  He is often referred to as the “Hero of Upper Canada”.

Brockville has served as a momentous city throughout Canada’s history with such events as;

1832 – The Brockville Bill was passed, proclaiming Brockville as the first community in Ontario with self government status

1855 – Brockville was chosen as the divisional point of the Grand Trunk Railway between Montreal and Toronto,

1860 – The First Canadian Railway Tunnel was built on the Brockville waterfront

1869 – Brockville had a population of 5000 people and has become an important settlement in Upper Canada,

1962 – Brockville is granted official status as a city

2001 – The World Health Organization named Brockville one of the safest cities in Canada.


The Present and The Future

Since that time, Brockville has grown into a flourishing city, with rich history, and cultural significance.  The city is currently home to approximately 25,000 people and has a unique combination of city life and small hometown feel.  The city is home to large businesses such as 3M, Shell Canada Production Plant, Giant Tiger Warehouse, Canarm, and the head quarters to the Upper Canada District School Board.  However, there is an emphasis on maintaining the rich heritage of the downtown and waterfront district, which combine to create to world class destination to live and travel.

Brockville is also home to countless events, attractions, and destinations!

The City is continually dedicated to sustained economic growth and development.


The Aquatarium

The Aquatarium is a newly built 28,000sq.ft. aquarium and discovery centre located on the beautiful St. Lawrence River.  There are interactive exhibits, live shows, and clubs which are fun for all ages!  Click Here to learn more


Brockville Railway Tunnel

Brockville’s railway tunnel is the first in Canada, and within the past year is has been renovated to be an attraction for visitors.  The City has worked hard to convert the old tunnel into a visually stunning masterpiece which includes, almost 3000 individual colour changing LED nodes, a restoration of the natural geology and architecture, and a train tour through the tunnel.  Check out the project at


The 1000 Islands

The 1000 Islands consist of a collection of over 1,800 islands along the St. Lawrence river.  The Canadian islands are in the Ontario, and the American islands are in New York State.  The islands are full of rich history, and Aboriginal settlements called the islands the “Garden of the Great Spirit”.  Take a boat tour and experience the beauty for yourself!


Recreation and Activities

Brockville and the 1000 Islands is home to world class recreation and leisure activities.  There are numerous hiking and nature trails, camping sites, waterfront district, and Brockville is home to one of the most desirable fresh water scuba diving locations in the world.  Day trips can also be made to the United States, as the international bridge is only a short drive away!

Click here to download the Brockville Visitor Guide

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